Dangerous Corner

“The ensemble of actors deserves full credit for maintaining focused, honest, and nuanced performance…” – Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“It doesn’t hurt that the cast is a disciplined pack of professionals. Everyone is in fine form as a posh-talking character whose secrets spill out… While sticking to director Dow’s strict and blistering pace, this tight ensemble still manages to take the time to make every revelation crystal clear. Steer through this Dangerous Corner for a wholly satisfying ride.” – Peter Birnie, The Vancovuer Sun

Herr Beckmann’s People

“…an all-star cast delivers…..Christine Willes’s Clara is a standout; the character’s passion is so contained that it’s all the more moving when it brims over.” – Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“…Christine Willes has great presence as the mother who was once a beloved concert pianist…” – Peter Birnie Vancouver Sun

“…Willes almost made me understand the power of the artistic drive that culminated in her performing for Hitler.” – [Re]View From The House

Prodigal Son

“Stellar cast… Adams and Willes get their chance to shine as the dying father and the mother at the end of her rope.” – VancoverPlays.com. Full review

“Brilliant, hilarious, spooky… had me in tears… so psychologically potent it made me ache.” – Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“Play Packs Genuine Poignancy” – Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun

“Taboos of sexuality and religion tackled with skill… as hysterical as it is moving.” – Michael V. Smith, Westender

The Unexpected Man

One of the Year’s Ten Best

“As Martha, Christine Willes delivers by far the best performance I’ve seen in her already impressive career. There’s a confidence and stillness here that allow for enormous spiritual size…. For the love of theatre, go see this show.” – Colin Thomas – The Georgia Straight

“William Taylor and Christine Willes are remarkably strong as the nameless Man and Woman in Reza’s drama….” – Michael Harris – The Globe and Mail

“….Christine Willes and William Taylor flesh out the characters in finely contained, handsomely  rounded performances that at times become exhilarating….Willes turns in a Jessie-worthy performance of subtlety and high comedy, technically adept and deeply human.” – Jerry Wasserman – Vancouver Province

“…Willes is warm, sexy and vivacious. She warms up the shadowy stage and a play that is self-consciously clever-but fun-with her smile, vivacity and intelligent approach to the character.” –Jo Ledingham – The Vancouver Courier