THEATRE (Selected Credits)



Herr Beckman’s People Clara Epp KatrinaDunn/Touchstone/Playwrights Theatre
Dangerous Corner Miss Mockridge Bill Dow/Playhouse Theatre Centre
The Unexpected Man Martha Katrina Dunn/The Unexpected Co-Op
Prodigal Son Marlene Katrina Dunn/Touchstone/Pacific
Homeward Bound Bonnie Simon Johnston/Richmond Gateway
The Unnatural and Accidental Women Rose Donna Spencer/Firehall Theatre
The Orphan Muses Catherine Stephanie Kirkland/Touchstone Theatre
A Streetcar Named Desire Eunice Larry Lillo/Vancouver Playhouse
Steel Magnolias Truvy Janet Wright/Arts Club Theatre
Angry Housewives Carol Michael McLaughlin/Arts Club Thtre
Sex Tips for Modern Girls Helen Ray Gaspard Prod, N.Y., N.Y.
Cavalcade RoseĀ Darling Christopher Newton/D. McIntosh/Shaw
Sex Tips for Modern Girls Helen Sue Astley/Touchstone Theatre